About the Site

The Site is located at 11700 Cherry Hill Road, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Over the years, the Site has been operated as a gravel quarry, a rubble dump, a sand, gravel, stone and topsoil processor and wholesaler, and a concrete recycler. The Site encompasses five land parcels totaling approximately 170 acres including Tax Map KQ32 Parcel 908 (60.23 acres), Tax Map KQ32 Parcel 778 (42.4 acres), Tax Map KQ 32 Parcel 660 (31.33 acres), Tax Map 42 Parcel 707 (35.03 acres), and Tax Map KQ42 Parcel 477 (1.85 acres). The Site until recently, was owned by Percontee, Inc., an aggregate processor, recycler and wholesaler founded in 1947. The Site has been transferred to Global LifeSci Development Corporation, an affiliate of Percontee, Inc., which plans to build a mixed use life sciences community, including research and lab space, a blend of workforce, affordable and market housing, high quality shops and restaurants and a premier hotel and conference center.

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